Ku Therapeutic Head Massage

Ku Acupuncture Day Spa Proudly Offers a New Treatment.
Head Massage is currently the latest and most popular therapeutic treatment in Japan.
You will experience immediate, powerful results and a significant reduction in stress-related conditions caused by the busyness of your daily life.

50 min - $65

Ku therapeutic head massage is an original treatment
created by Ku Acupuncture Day Spa.

We combine Meridian Acu-pressure, Shiatsu, and Aromatherapy with the luxury of an exquisite spa experience.
The session begins with a mini massage of your neck and shoulders, followed by the application of a warm steamer to soften and prepare the scalp for absorption of oils and tonics.
We only use the finest, medical grade aromatic oils to massage, then apply original Ku healing hair tonics to refresh and invigorate.
We select a unique blend of aromatic essential oils and tonics according to your skin type.

This is truly one of our favorite spa offerings.

Not only are we passionate about delivering this wonderfully healing therapy, but we also love to receive it.
That is why we have complete confidence that you will love this treatment that you can only experience at Ku Day Spa.

Benefits of Ku Therapeutic Head Massage

- Removes toxic substances from brain
- Reduces brain fatigue
- Releases tension of eyes and temples
- Increases memory capabilities
- Improves breathing to reduce hypertension
- Boosts the immune system
- Calms emotional stress and balances hormones
- Improves quality of sleep
- Promotes healthy scalp and hair growth
- Refreshes the face by reducing fine lines and brightening complexion

Manoa is a perfect destination to escape and
forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

Our Spa offers a relaxing and cozy atmosphere that will melt your stress away.

Please call us now to experience this new and wonderful treatment:

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