Facial Treatments

Ku Day Spa is proud to offer results-driven facials for every skin type and condition.
Our treatments make use of the French skin care line, Phytomer, using the finest marine-based ingredients.
Your esthetician will perform a detailed analysis of your skin type, customizing your treatment to give you a radiant complexion while offering a restorative experience.
Expert recommendations for a take-home program are provided to help maintain positive changes in the complexion.

HydraBlue // French Classic Facial

60 min - $85
90 min - $105

The perfect introduction to your spa experience, this classic facial combines all the skin-specific solutions of a French facial and much more. A highly concentrated marine mask selected especially for your skin type will be applied, giving you a dewy, radiant complexion.

AcniPur // Deep Purifying Facial

90 min - $115

This unique facial purifies and normalizes the complexion with a deep cleansing and sanitizing treatment protocol. Our self-heating pure pore mask prepares the skin for extractions while drawing pollutants and sebum from the skin, followed by a serum to increase the skin's repair response. Finally, an oxygenated mask absorbs any remaining impurities while you enjoy the sensation of a thorough and deep clean in your skin.

Mermaid’s Dream // Teen Facial(18 and Under)

60 min - $65

We will support and advise your teen how to properly take care of their skin. A healthy diet and balancing hormones is also key to promoting clarity.
Using our gentle marine based products with careful extractions, high frequency to disinfect the skin, toner and a purifying mask, problem skin will become more balanced and clear.


Ocean Glow // Hydro Microdermabrasion

90 min - $145
Three treatment package - $345

An advanced and signature treatment from our spa.
All steps from the Classic facial prepares and pampers your skin, and using new technology with a layered wet / dry microdermabrasion leaves your skin smooth and ready to absorb marine collagen to heal and plump up. Nothing is skipped from this gentle yet highly effective treatment. You will glow!

Sea Cocoon // Soothing Sensitive Facial

90 min - $115

This facial provides a halo of softness for sensitive skin that prone to redness or reactivity, with a targeted anti-blotch serum and anti-inflammatory mask. Your skin is softened and strengthened for even complexion.

Ocean Illumination // Bright Whitening Facial

90 min - $135

Marine extracts of alpha hydroxy acid and a potent form of vitamin C target hyperpigmentation for dramatic results. A peel-off whitening mask further regulates pigment production for a more luminous, even complexion.

Treasures of the Sea // Anti-Aging Facial

90 min - $135

Enjoy the ultimate in age defiance. Key steps in this facial: Resurface the skin using sea retinol to boost cellular turnover, and Extra Marine Filler to fill fine lines and restructure the facial tone. Based on your youth-promoting goals, we use products to plum and tighten the skin.

Sea Escape // Gentleman's facial

90 min - $105

This facial uses products specifically designed for a man’s skin. A potent serum and mask are selected to target individual skin type -- whether oily, dry, sensitive, or mature. A scalp massage follows the facial, leaving you feeling revived, relaxed, and confident, melting away the stress and challenges of the day.

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